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Safety limit switches mechanical and magnetic, safety control unit


A series of products used to control the correct closing of guards, gates or mobile protections in mechanical or magnetic version are available. The mechanical models offer specific advantages as visible operation, electrically separated contacts able to switch strong currents.

The limit switches should be supplied in plastic casing IP65 or metal casing IP66 with width 30 or 50 mm in three configurations:

  • Key (are available different version of keys) 90° adjustable head.
  • Zinc plated steel shaft.
  • Zinc plated steel lever.

The modules have to be completed by the adoption of the auxiliary contacts snap (1 N.O + 1 NC or 2 N.C.). The magnetic types, to prefer in case of use in ambient with humidity, dirty or dust, all IP67, are available in two different geometrical confi gurations cylindrical (with diameter 6 mm) and rectangular (67 x 25 mm or 48 x 40 mm) with relative activation magnet. All the models are available with 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. output contact.

The activation can be obtained indifferently along the three axis “X”, “Y” and “Z” and it is made by the approaching of the magnetic unit. Are present painting and mechanical referring points for a correct positioning and working.

Two different types of safety control unit are available in category 4 to be used depending on the number of sensor connected (up to a maximum of 6 independent input sensors).

According to Standards EN 60947-5-1 and IEC 947-5-1..