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Via Torino, 24/I
Tel. +39 0119682466 r.a.
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Cap. Sociale €10.400 i,v,
REA 553355 - R.I.n. 4121/81 Part. Iva 02363550019


Gamma System is a company born around ’80 with the aim to improve the security of employed in machinery industrial production.

The company belongs to the industrial group “Riello Elettronica” one of the operative branches active in different sectors: industrial safety, information technology, electronic, telecommunication, sensors for automation, domotics

Located in the first suburbs of Turin, Gamma System utilize the most advanced technology to realize products in accordance with the most update quality standards and in conformity with the International Rules.

Thanks to its experience in the market, Gamma System designs various lines of products like:

  • Products for the safety of workers in dangerous area
  • Products designed to the industrialization and the press of metal work process as:
    • Roller lubricator for metal strip or others.
    • Pneumatic injector, without nebulisation for the local prayed lubrication with a wide variety of nozzles.
    • Silenced nozzle to reduce the noise in the air shoot.
    • Pneumatic motion ejector for evacuation of pieces pinch trimmin.