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Safety push-button and two hands control


The emergency push-button offered by Gamma System is one of the best solution in the safety industrial’s market. The latching push-button with rotating release, has a green colour band on the side to indicate the operative status (OPEN or CLOSED).

The mushroom push-buttons can be supplied in two versions:

  • Loose component: to be assembled at user’s care with connection flange and N.O or N.C contacts (each device can be fi tted up with 6 contacts). In particularly is available a special contact realized by a N.C contact connected with a N.O one. Locking of this special contact, thanks to a sophisticated mechanic system by positive action, will happen only when the block has been connected to the operator – this to ensure operative function even in case of release of the operator.
  • Assembled: in an enclosure of dimension 65 x 65 mm thermoplastic or aluminium both with protection degree IP65.

There are also circled indications labels diameter 60 or 90 mm indicating EMERGENCY STOP and / or label support.

Our offer will be completed by a new, modern and with ergonomic design two hands control with dimension of 380 x 90 x 90 designed to be easily installed in small areas. Two hands control is available with STOP EMERGENCY mushroom pushbutton more than the standard side push-buttons. For both devices we can supply the safety relay in category 4.

In according to Standards EN 60947-5-1 and IEC 947-5-1.