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Safety Mats

The safety mat has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the basic safety and human health requirements. In particular, it is in conformity with the following harmonized standards for risk prevention - EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13856-1 and EN ISO 13849-1. Gamma System SAFETY MAT is a “safety component” which acts as an “electrical, pressure sensitive device designed to detect the presence of a human body”. It represents a “safety device equipped with one or more sensors, able to detect when a pressure is being applied, and it is combined with a control device with a check function, according to the specific category, and with an output interface. The working principle of the equipment essentially consists on the capacity to cause a change of state of an electric signal when some force/pressure will be applied onto the surface of the “safety mat” sensor. The presence of one or more persons or part of a human body causes a contact located inside the sensor to close; the closure of the circuit to which the contact is connected is worked out by the control device which, in turn, generates the stop command. This command is such to eliminate the hazardous conditions which have arisen.

Upper layer made from black, embossed PVC
Upper covering made from Aluminium
Thickness 10 mm Max 14 mm Max
Weight/m² 15 Kg/m²(approx.) 17Kg/m²(approx.)
Activating force < 300N with Φ80mm test piece
<600N with Φ200mm test piece
Max. allowable load 60 Kg/cm²
Output conctat N.O
Mechanical life of inner conctat 5.000.000 operations
Activation time <200 ms
Operating temperature +5°C +60°C
Degree of protection IP65
Chemical resitance Oil, hydrocarb., diesel Oil, hydrocarb., diesel, solvents, anti-spark
Reference standard and Safety category Tests according to EN ISO 13856-1
Cat. 3 PL e combined with control units type GP02/E and GP02R.T